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Mothers’ Index Thoughts

Excerpt of a article draft I am writing about the Mothers’ Index

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Imagine a world where giving birth means certain death for someone you love. Now realize we live in a world where this is a stark reality for hundreds of millions of people. According to Save the Children’s twelfth annual Mothers’ Index, families in Afghanistan, Niger, Guinea-Bissau, Yemen and dozens of other countries face this possibility with the birth of each child. While families in Scandinavia and most of Europe would be shocked to hear of a single natural mother or infant mortality. The reprehensible statistics for Afghanistan shame every human. Lifetime risk of maternal death is one in eleven, compared to Greece’s one in 38,100 or Sweden’s one in 11,000. In Afghanistan, for every 1,000 live births, 199 children die before the age of five. In Norway the number is only 3. At birth a women in Switzerland can expect to live to 84 years old, while in Afghanistan she can expect to only see her 45th birthday.

These statistics are not an anomaly of Afghanistan; Chad, Somalia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo all have over 190 children per one thousand die before the age of five.


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